Thursday, February 25, 2010

SnapServer SAN S2000 - Now everyone can have a SAN

Now everyone can have a SAN. Businesses with growing storage needs and limited resources for storage management need a networked storage solution that streamlines data management operations and increases information infrastructure performance without additional training, resources and costs. The SnapServer SAN S2000 scales to 120 TB, effortlessly expands volumes without requiring IT intervention and enables companies to leverage SAN capabilities that have traditionally been considered too complex to manage without specialized expertise. Optimized for virtualized server enviroments, SnapServer SAN S2000 includes support for Microsoft Windows Cluster Server, active-active failover, snapshots, and automatic capacity expansion.


The SnapServer SAN S2000 is a 2U iSCSI SAN appliance designed specifically for businesses with growing storage needs and limited resources to manage an end-to-end storage strategy. Built on the Overland Storage vision of “effortless data,” the SnapServer S2000 offers an intuitive, simplified management console and Windows-based guided wizards to make installation and maintenance simple for any level of administrator. In addition, the SnapServer has an ideal mix of standard enterprise features including auto provisioning, mirroring for high availability, replication and snapshots for data protection. The SnapServer S2000 simultaneously lowers ongoing operational expenditures and significantly lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising on the features a business needs to succeed.

Management for the Non-Storage Expert

Building on its vision of “effortless data,” Overland Storage has put the storage expertise into the SnapServer S2000, making it intuitive and easy to manage - virtually eliminating the need for technical experience with iSCSI or SAN systems. With a plug and play architecture combined with a simplified management console and built-in Windows-based wizards, the SnapServer S2000 dramatically saves time on installation, setup, and the vast majority of multi-step storage and data protection tasks.

Breakthrough Automation for SAN Storage Provisioning
The SnapServer SAN S2000 enables companies to leverage Overland’s unique Auto Provisioning capability. Administrators can meet increasing data growth requirements by automatically increasing capacity on the host as needed –without user involvement. Most SAN storage systems require storage volumes to be expanded manually. SnapServer SAN S2000 Auto Provisioning makes capacity expansion “self-managing” by proactively growing volume capacity without any pre-allocation or administrator involvement. Special monitoring software runs in the background to track disk usage and extend volumes that reach pre-defined thresholds. IT administrators no longer have to calculate future storage needs before knowing them.

Overcoming Management Complexity

The SnapServer Manager provides a consistent interface across all products. From a single console, IT administrators can monitor and manage one or more SnapServer SAN or NAS storage systems that are located anywhere on the system – across the globe or down the hall. Utilizing a local windows application or web browser in heterogeneous environments, the console manages storage event logs and immediately displays any faults. Email notifications or text events are automatically sent to the administrators. As an “OS agnostic” appliance, the SnapServer SAN can easily be deployed to provide iSCSI storage to systems running Windows, VMware, Linux, Mac OS X and Novell Netware.

Eliminating Data Protection Pitfalls

Business continuity plans will keep an organization up and running in the event of a major disaster or technology failure. A key to this success is a feature rich solution that provides both mirroring and replication. With the SnapServer SAN, companies don’t have to make the choice between the features they need and the price they can afford. The SnapServer SAN ensures that essential applications remain available at all times by supporting multiple servers reading or writing SAN volumes simultaneously across multiple Ethernet ports. It is fully compatible with the Windows Multi-Path I/O (MPIO) framework, supports Microsoft Cluster Server, complies with Microsoft’s ‘Simple SAN’ program, and other third-party management applications. In addition, the SnapServer SAN mirroring option provides real-time high availability protection for business critical data and is fully integrated with Windows Server Platforms and VMware. With the SnapServer SAN replication option, companies have an easy-to-use yet, powerful solution to a broad range of backup and recovery scenarios. Fully integrated with Microsoft Volume ShadowCopy Services (VSS) for application consistent replication and disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server, the replication option supports 256 snapshots and scheduled and periodic updates of replicated data. Unlike conventional snapshots, which typically allow a maximum of a few hundred recovery points, SnapServer SAN replicas are designed to handle up to hundreds of thousands of recovery points.

Making Interoperability a Non-Issue

Compatibility is the last thing a storage administrator wants to worry about when implementing SAN storage. That’s why the SnapServer SAN S2000 supports out-of-the-box iSCSI interoperability with Windows, Windows Clusters, Windows VSS, VMware (ESX and vSphere) certification, Linux, Mac OS X, and Novell NetWare. Direct integration with VMware vCenter makes the SnapServer SAN one of the easiest management tools on the market today. The SnapServer SAN S2000 provides for multiple servers reading or writing SAN volumes simultaneously across multiple Ethernet ports. In addition, the SnapServer SAN S2000 is also fully qualified with Windows Multi-Path I/O (MPIO) framework as well as in full compliance with Microsoft’s ‘Simple SAN’ program, and includes a VDS (Virtual Disk Services) provider for integration with the Microsoft SAN Manager and other third-party management applications.

Value Delivered

Overland Storage has always focused on providing high value storage. Unlike other iSCSI SAN solutions, the SnapServer S2000 is built on industry standard high performance hardware. Using the latest in CPU power and RAM, the SnapServer SAN appliance provides higher end performance and features while maintaining a low TCO to make it the best value in the market.

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